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05. here‘s what i remember

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05. here‘s what i remember


let‘s be honest: it isn‘t that much

only bits and

pieces of those first

conversations, feelings, thoughts, touches

& laughter

i can remember that, at least


you hair was red & you told me

we should get matching tattoos

you said it as if that was

perfectly reasonable for two people who had met

just an hour earlier;

you might have been drunk or high or maybe just your careless/

(we didn‘t do it,

you might have been joking after all,


a few weeks later you sent me a picture & said

you could always get one in the future)

your hair was green & you told me

we should find a place together

(i was complaining about my roommate

and you were tired of living alone)

your hair was pink & you told me

you know i had a crush on you when we first met

i didn‘t tell you, but i had one too

(and it never went away)

your head was lying in my lap and i was glad,

your eyes were closed


we kissed once when we hardly knew each other

but i think you don‘t remember &

we never talked about it


your hair was red again & you told me

i have a date tomorrow

(you didn‘t come home that evening)

your next date was mostly in our living room

and that was when i learned

that we sometimes

have the same type


your hair is still red & you told us

last night, while your head was in my lap again

maybe I‘ll keep it that way

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